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What Are Jive Plug-Ins and How Do You Install Them?

By Kacey Kroh, Abshier House, Abshier House

Jive gives you the capability to download and install plug-ins. Jive is a software solution for businesses that includes many different ways to collaborate among fellow co-workers. Since this software is designed with collaboration in mind, some key features you may have become accustomed to are simply not available to standard Jive software subscribers.

What plug-ins essentially do is unlock the hidden potential of the Jive software and allow features to be used that otherwise would not be available. A few examples of some plug-ins available to Jive community members are as follows:

  • Jive Video Module

  • Jive Photo Albums Plug-in

  • Jive for Microsoft Office Module

  • Jive for Microsoft Outlook Module

  • Jive for Microsoft SharePoint Module

  • Jive for Google Docs Add-on

  • Jive Plug-in for Salesforce

  • Jive Dropbox Add-on

Keep in mind some of the Jive plug-ins are free to use and some require an add-on license to be purchased before the plug-in will become available at your workstation.

Depending on the Jive software your company’s community uses, Jive plug-ins can be found in a few different places. If you are using software older then version 5.0 the plug-ins will have to be located and downloaded from the Internet. Third-party pages as well as the Jive Community Plug-in page will be the best places to locate, download, and install the plug-in of your choice.


Source: Jive.com

If you are running version 5.0 and newer, many of the plug-ins you can find online are already included in the software. To use the plug-in (if it’s preinstalled), contact the Jive sales team to have the plug-in unlocked. If the plug-in is not preinstalled, then you have to locate and download that particular add-on from the Jive Community page or third-party Jive plug-in page that you prefer to use.

Plug-ins can also be called add-ons, connectors, and modules. If you are searching for a third-party page that includes plug-ins for Jive and the results are not what you are expecting, you can try to perform a search that includes these other words. For instance, from your preferred search engine try searching for Jive Modules, Jive Add-ons, or Jive Connectors. If you are looking for free add-ons then include the word “free” at the beginning of your keyword search.