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Tips for Posting to Yammer

By Ashley Watters, Abshier House, Abshier House

Yammer is a fantastic tool for staying current with work. And although it has been referred to as the “Facebook for business,” it is important to remember that it is not, in fact, Facebook. So what should you post? What is appropriate for Yammer?

Anytime you log into Yammer, you automatically will be faced with the Feed. Much like Facebook’s News Feed, this is the place where people within your network make postings.



It has a similar look and feel to other social networking sites, so you should get that warm and fuzzy, familiar feeling. Just because it looks like other sites doesn’t mean you want to vent your frustrations about a coworker here. Not a good idea. So, what is acceptable? Here are a few posting DO’s:

  • Work relevant links and articles

  • Questions for coworkers

  • Polls about work-related topics or products

  • Project updates and deadlines

  • Responses to coworker questions or inquiries

  • Tips or suggestions for improving a work process, product, or other related topic

  • Work-related event announcements or contests

You will notice a significant trend in what is appropriate content. It’s work related. If people want to hear about how your kid did in their little league game, they can and should check Facebook. Here are a few posting DON’Ts:

  • Negative or derogatory comments about coworkers, team members or bosses (BIG NO!)

  • Posts about your personal life that have no bearing on a work situation

  • Any information that violates company policy

  • Anything you wouldn’t want your boss to read

Yammer isn’t meant to be uptight. It IS a social network, after all. However, keep in mind that Yammer is meant to be a workplace solution and that other social networks are better used for personal use.