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How to Use Yammer’s App Directory

By Ashley Watters, Abshier House, Abshier House

You may have heard, “There’s an app for that.” Well, that’s the case with Yammer, which works great as a sole resource for networking in the workplace. But Yammer also offers you a ton of apps that can help make your work life even easier.

There are two ways to access the App Directory:

  • Option 1: To the right hand side of your Yammer Feed, you will see a box titled “App Directory.” There is an option to the right of the title that says “see all.” If you click on “see all,” the App Directory opens. This box also notifies you of new apps that you might like to try.



  • Option 2: At the top of your Yammer home screen, you will see an Invite button. To the immediate right is the More icon, denoted by three dots (like a chubby ellipse). If you click Invite, a drop-down menu appears. Choose Apps from the selections, and the App Directory opens.



When you enter the App Directory, Yammer provides you with many tools for managing and finding apps. If you’re new to Yammer, you may want to check out the Featured Apps section. This section provides you with many new and useful apps for managing your business social network. Each app provides you with a basic description of the app and what you can accomplish with it. You can download the app directly from the App Directory.

Another useful section is Colleagues Are Using. This section shows you what apps others in your network have found useful. If you’re skeptical of those in your network, it even shows you who is using an app. This is another good place to check for apps if you are new to Yammer. Seeing what your colleagues are using can give you some indication of which apps might be useful to you. If your coworkers find it helpful, you may, too.

As you scroll down in the App Directory, you will see a place for managing the apps you have downloaded.



The My Apps options give you just what you need to organize and use your apps to their fullest potential.

At the bottom of the App Directory, you will see a listing of all available apps. Complete with descriptions, this section makes it easy to browse and find useful apps.