How to Find and Follow Places in Jive - dummies

How to Find and Follow Places in Jive

By Ashley Watters, Abshier House, Abshier House

Jive is a tool that allows you to stay connected in your company. It provides many tools for keeping up to date with projects, news, and important updates. This is where Places comes into play.

You can create a Place for any topic that you feel is important. For example, different departments could each create their own Place and store general documents or training materials. Or you could create a Place for a current team project. This allows users to easily find and access important documents that may need to be repeatedly referenced. Think of how you separate your documents into Folders on your personal computer. This is a similar concept to what Jive defines as a Place.

To find a specific Place, just click the Places tab. Type your search criteria into the Filter field, and Jive will provide you with a list of all the Places that match your parameters.



For example, if you’re part of the IT department, you may try typing IT or technology into the Search field to see what Places it finds relevant to your department.

You can choose to Follow a Place in two different ways. Much like following a coworker, when you find a Place you want to stay informed about, all you need to do is choose the Follow option. Jive will give you the option of Connections Stream and Inbox.

If you choose Connections Stream, you will be updated about all the public activity from that particular Place. Choosing Inbox means you will receive a message in your Inbox any time there is any change in that Place. This option helps you stay current with all activities from that Place.

Choosing Inbox is generally the best option if the Place has some bearing on your day to day work activities. Otherwise, choosing Connections Streams allows you to stay connected without being inundated with constant messages about the Place.