How to Find and Follow Content in Jive - dummies

How to Find and Follow Content in Jive

By Ashley Watters, Abshier House, Abshier House

As a collaboration tool for business, you can expect that Jive gives you access to all those important documents and files. You can access any content that has been uploaded to Jive. All you have to do is find it and Follow it.

Finding and Following content works the same way as finding and Following People and Places.

After you have found a document, you can open a dedicated page and read the document, along with comments made by others. The comments can help you think about other applications or possible uses for the documents. It is also helpful to see if a document is being favorably received.

To find content, just click on the Content tab at the top of the screen.



Fill in the Filter field with any search criteria that may yield a document you want to see. For example, if you want to see what your marketing department is working on, just type marketing, and Jive will show all relevant documents.

If you want to see all activity related to a document, choose Follow and then select Inbox. Choosing this option means you will receive a message in your Inbox anytime activity occurs with this document. If you find the content to be interesting, but it isn’t vital to your job, choose Connections Stream. You will see when revisions or comments occur, and you can review the document when you have time without being bombarded by constant messages.



Another handy feature with Content is the ability to Share documents. To do this, simply open the document and choose Share from the right corner of the page. You can choose an individual or several people. When you share a document, those you have selected to receive it will get a message in their Inbox notifying them that a document has been shared with them. From there, they can reply directly to you about the document and the correspondence remains private.

You can also Bookmark the document for easy access at a later time or Like it if you choose to show support for the document. When you Like a document, those users following you will receive a notification.

If you choose to add a comment to a document, you are automatically signed up to Follow the document.