How to Create a Visual Social Marketing Plan - dummies

How to Create a Visual Social Marketing Plan

By Krista Neher

Part of Visual Social Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Always start with a plan. To get the most from your visual social marketing, decide what you want to achieve, and build a plan to achieve it.

  1. Start with research.

    Start by researching your category or industry to see the kinds of images that are generating interest. Explore sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, and pay attention to the visual elements that people are liking, sharing, and commenting on that are related to your business — it’s a source of inspiration.

  2. Determine your marketing objectives.

    Determine what it is that you ultimately what to achieve. Specifying your marketing goals and objectives can help you approach visual social marketing more strategically and help you get better results.

  3. Know your customers.

    Clearly define your target audience, or whom you’re trying to reach, via your visual social marketing efforts. Pay attention to what they like and share online.

  4. Develop a visual content plan.

    Determine the content you will create and when and where you will post and share it. The content plan should link to your marketing objectives and the topics that interest your customers.

  5. Create the visuals.

    Create the visual assets you need as outlined in your content plan. Build a library of assets that you can use and reuse as a part of your strategy.

  6. Implement.

    Use best practices to post and share your visual content online. Consider using visual elements on a variety of social networks — you don’t necessarily need a different element for Facebook versus Twitter versus Pinterest.

  7. Track, measure, and adjust.

    Analyze the results of posting your visual content, strive to learn from your successes and failures, and then adapt your strategy.