How to Create a Poll with Jive - dummies

How to Create a Poll with Jive

By Kacey Kroh, Abshier House, Abshier House

A really cool feature that Jive offers that many of its competitors do not is the ability to create and easily distribute polls. Polls are a way for one staff member to ask a single multiple-choice question to all other staff members in the Jive community.

When creating the poll, you would define the question and possible answers and then publish it. The poll then appears on the home page for the Jive community space for which it was created. As results come in, a colorful bar chart will appear in the poll’s posting. The bar chart adjusts as more data comes in. When the data is all collected or the poll reaches its time limit, the poll closes and only the bar chart remains in the posting.

If you are collecting information from a large number of employees, either set a long period of time for the poll to be available or better yet don’t set a time limit and wait for all employee results to be gathered.

Only one question can be asked at a time — for multiple questions, you need to create multiple polls.



To create a poll to use on your Jive community’s home page follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the Create tab located in the top center of the Jive application.

  2. Click on Poll.

  3. Under Choose Location select the community group home page on which you want the poll to post.

  4. Under Title, type the question on which you are wanting to poll employees.

    For instance: “Would you guys like an extra day off this week?”

  5. Under Create Choice Options, you are presented with a few text boxes and can enter the multiple-choice answers for fellow staffers to choose from.

    Example choices for the extra day off poll would include “Yes” and “No” as the appropriate answers.

  6. Under Time, you can set when you think the poll should end.

    This feature is designed to keep polls quick and easy. If you have a large number of employees or fellow staffers to poll, you can skip the time section and post the poll anyway, or you can warn people to pay attention to their community home page so they don’t miss out on the chance to voice their opinion.

Now that you have a firm understanding on how to create a poll, you can post polls on your Jive community page and get the answers you are looking for from everyone more quickly!