How to Collaborate with Jive - dummies

How to Collaborate with Jive

By Kacey Kroh, Abshier House, Abshier House

Since Jive was created with collaboration in mind, the ability to collaborate with your fellow co-workers can be done in several different ways. Some of the more popular ways companies use Jive to collaborate are listed as follows:

  • Collaboration through discussions

  • Collaboration through polls

  • Collaboration through questions

  • Collaboration through status updates

  • Collaboration through file sharing and editing

Keep in mind all collaboration options are available in the Create tab located in the top middle of the Jive software window. Select the type of collaboration you want to use and follow the on-screen instructions.



Jive collaboration with discussions

Discussions are a great way to get detailed opinions on an important topic. Since discussions are more formal than questions and polls, community members will have to use critical thinking skills to actively collaborate with other community members. This will keep your employees more knowledgeable on whatever topic you choose to discuss.

Try to post a discussion that asks the employees to read a new policy. Then have them post within the discussion thread what they think this policy means. Other thread posters will comment on each other’s interpretations of the policy in question, and you can provide feedback on what the policy initially intended to be and adjust it to match what the employees think it should be.

Jive collaboration with polls

Polls are a great way to get community input without long-winded explanations. Try creating a poll that asks something pertaining to work such as:

“What kind of food do you want at next week’s potluck?”

You then would provide the group with multiple-choice answers like:

a. “Asian” (stir fry and egg rolls)

b. “Hispanic” (tacos and burritos)

c. “American” (hamburgers and hotdogs)

d. “Italian” (pizza and pasta)

If you need an answer by the end of the week you can set the poll closing time to Friday, and when the poll closes, all answers posted will display in a neatly designed colorful bar chart. The colored bar with the highest number wins the poll.

People who aren’t following their Jive, sadly, will miss out on the opportunity to help decide the outcome of polls. Remember to pay attention and check in with your Jive community home page at least once a day.

Jive collaboration with questions

Questions are a great way to get the answer you are looking for quickly. For instance, you forgot how to submit a specific form or you forgot the process to bill and send out an invoice.

Try posting a question to something you need answered right away. Since Jive communities include not only your fellow employees, but also can include people form your LinkedIn, Salesforce, and other third-party accounts, you will be surprised how fast you get the answer you are looking for.

Jive collaboration with status updates

Status updates are a great way to know who is busy and who is available. For example, assume that you’re looking for a team of people to assist with supplemental training. You can look at the list of community members and check out their statuses. If they are available, you will be notified. If they are busy, you will see detailed information on what they are doing.

Keep in mind this area of collaboration works only if all employees actively change their statuses every time they start and complete a task or set of tasks.

Jive collaboration with file sharing and editing

Jive includes its own version of document creating/editing software. Jive users can use this portion of the community software to create, edit, and share documents with each other.

If your company uses alternate office software like OpenOffice, Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs/Drive, Salesforce, and Dropbox, your company has the option to pay for add-ons that enable Jive integration within these specific supported software applications. Try using Jive within software such as Microsoft Outlook. (Provided your company purchased the appropriate add-ons.)

If your company uses a lot of visual goodies like photos, videos, and live web cam streams, then you too have the option to purchase an add-on or two to enable these bonus features of Jive. Try posting photos and videos on your Jive community home page after you’ve obtained an add-on license from Jive Inc.

If you purchased the translation plug-in for use of multiple languages, this feature will work with only the built-in document editor. No support to outside add-ons for translation services is available.