Harness the Hottest Visual Social Tools and Networks for Your Business - dummies

Harness the Hottest Visual Social Tools and Networks for Your Business

By Krista Neher

Part of Visual Social Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you want to make the most of your existing social media and online marketing efforts, add some of these visual social marketing tools to your strategy:

  • Infographics: This type of graphical element uses visual elements to explain a concept or tell a story. Infographics can consist of extremely powerful social content and can generate traffic, links, and social interactions for your business.

  • Instagram: This mobile application lets you take, edit, and share photos from your mobile device. Instagram, acquired by Facebook not long ago, continues to grow and thrive. Instagram has quite an active community, and many businesses are generating awareness and connecting with new audiences via Instagram.

  • Pinterest: Now the third-largest social network, Pinterest allows users to create visual pinboards, which are composed of images uploaded from a computer or from a link from the web. Pinterest is the top source of traffic to many leading websites, and traffic from Pinterest is generally more likely to lead to sales compared to traffic from other social networks.

  • SlideShare: This social network lets users upload and share presentations (such as PowerPoint) online. Presentations on SlideShare can generate massive amounts of views and expose your business to new audiences.

  • Vine: A short-format video sharing service launched by Twitter, Vine lets users create and share short videos with people who follow them. Vine videos can also be shared on other social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, or be embedded into blogs.

  • YouTube: YouTube remains one of the most effective visual marketing sites. The number-two online search engine, it’s the leading way to share videos. Over the past few years, YouTube has also added features to make it easy to create and edit videos directly on YouTube.