The Profile Tab of the Pinterest iPhone App - dummies

The Profile Tab of the Pinterest iPhone App

By Kelby Carr

From the Pinterest iPhone app, you can view your number of followers and the number of people you follow, and you can browse your boards, latest pins, and likes. You can also find instructions for pinning websites directly from the Safari browser.

The icon at the bottom of the Pinterest app screen on the far right is the Profile tab. Tapping it takes you to your main Profile screen and displays your basic profile information and your latest pins.


Across the middle of the screen are three tabs: Boards, Pins, and Likes. Your profile defaults to the middle tab, Pins, where you can see thumbnail images of your latest pins. Tap the Boards tab to see a list of all of your boards.


You can scroll down to see all boards, and you can tap the name of any board to see your most recent pins to that board. From there, you can tap a pin’s image and see the pin’s page and the number of likes the pin has received from others, the number of repins, and the comments that pin has received.

Tap the Likes tab to see the pins you recently liked. Tap on a pin to see its original pin page.

The Likes tab displays your recently liked pins.
The Likes tab displays your recently liked pins.

Tap the Profile tab to go back to your main Profile page. Notice that to the right of your profile picture at the top of the screen are two buttons, one for Followers and one for Following. Tap the Followers button to see a list of followers. Here are some of the things you can do in this list:

  • You can scroll up and down to see more of your followers.

  • To the right of the names, you see an Unfollow button if you’re already following them back. You can tap the Unfollow button to unfollow that member.

  • If you’re not currently following someone, you see a Follow button that you can tap to follow the person and all of their boards. You can also tap the person’s profile picture or his name to go directly to his profile page.

Once again, tap the Profile tab to go back to your main Profile page. Now tap the Following button to see a list of the people you’re following. This list functions the same way as the Followers list, allowing you to unfollow or tap through to see their profiles.

Tap the Profile tab one last time to return to your main Profile page. Just above your profile picture is the Account button. Tap this button and you’re presented with four choices: Logout, Install Bookmarklet, Feedback, and Cancel.


Tapping Logout is pretty self-explanatory. When you tap Feedback, it generates a new e-mail to Pinterest. Tapping Cancel keeps you logged in to Pinterest and returns you to the page you were just on. The Install Bookmarklet option is a little more involved and is explained elsewhere.