Install the Mobile Bookmarklet with the Pinterest iPhone App - dummies

Install the Mobile Bookmarklet with the Pinterest iPhone App

By Kelby Carr

The Pinterest bookmarklet — which is similar to the Pin It button you use on your home computer — allows you to pin something on Pinterest from your iPhone’s Safari browser. Using this bookmarklet is currently the only way to do that from the iPhone app.

Installing the bookmarklet may seem a bit complicated. In fact, the Pinterest instructions even state, “As soon as this can be made simpler, it will be.” If you take it one step at a time, however, it really isn’t too difficult.

It’s worth the couple of minutes it takes to add the bookmarklet because, once you have it, you’ll be able to create original pins from the web. Without it, you can only repin others’ pins from the web or share the photos that you take on your iPhone or that already exist on your iPhone.

To install the mobile bookmarklet, follow these instructions:

  1. Launch the Pinterest app and tap the icon for the Profile tab.

  2. Tap the Account button and then tap the Install Bookmarklet button.

    The iPhone’s Safari opens to a page with instructions.


  3. Using your Safari bookmarks, bookmark the page with the instructions.

    You do so by tapping the center icon (the one with a box and an arrow) in the menu on the bottom of the screen. Tap Add Bookmark and then tap Save.

  4. The next step in the instructions includes a block of text to copy. Tap inside the box with the text and then tap and hold to launch the select/paste prompt.

  5. Tap Select All.

  6. Tap Copy.

  7. Tap Done.

  8. Tap the bookmarks icon (the one that looks like an open book) in the menu on the bottom of the screen.

  9. Tap the Edit button at the bottom-left corner and scroll down until you see the Pin It bookmark.


  10. Tap where it says Pin It.

    You’re taken to the Edit Bookmark screen.


  11. Tap the second spot down, where you can edit the URL for the bookmark.

  12. Tap the x to the right to clear the field and then tap and hold inside the field.

  13. Tap Paste.

  14. Tap Done to save your changes.

After you install the bookmarklet, you can pin from any website in your Safari browser. To do so, navigate to a site you want to pin as you would normally browse the Internet on your iPhone. When you’re on a page with an image you want to pin, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the bookmarks icon in the menu on the bottom of the screen.

  2. Find the Pin It bookmark and tap it.


    On your screen, you see images from that site. You may have to scroll up and down on the page to see all of the images.


  3. Tap the image you want to pin.

    The Add a Pin screen appears.

  4. Type a description, choose a board to pin the image to, and opt to post to Facebook and Twitter.

  5. Tap the Pin It button in the top-right corner of the screen to pin your item.

    You see the status bar at the top of the Pinterest app home screen as the pin is added, followed by a black box that says “Pinned” when it’s completed.