How to Optimize a Pinterest Board for Visual Social Marketing - dummies

How to Optimize a Pinterest Board for Visual Social Marketing

By Krista Neher

To be an effective visual social marketing tool, a board on Pinterest should be titled with the topic or theme representing the content that’s pinned to the board. Follow these tips to optimize your Pinterest boards:

  • The more specific the topic, the better. The more specifically your board is themed, the more traffic and attention it’s likely to attract.

    For example, the title Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes would probably attract a more relevant targeted audience than Slow Cookers. If you’re interested in healthy slow-cooker recipes, every single recipe pinned on that board is likely to be relevant to you. If you followed a Slow Cooker Recipes board, many of the recipes would be irrelevant.

    A great deal of content is on Pinterest (along with a lot of viewers). The more specifically your pins are categorized, the more likely they are to be followed.

  • Keep board titles short. Short titles work better for Pinterest boards because, when someone is viewing a Pinterest account, only a limited number of characters of the board title are displayed. Board titles should be written so that the primary concept of the board can be determined based on the characters that are displayed on the profile page.

  • Remember searchers in your titles. When you’re creating Pinterest boards, consider words that your customers might be searching for, and try to use them in your board titles. Pinterest boards often rank well in search engines such as Google, and Pinterest users often search Pinterest for relevant content. Using words that people search for can therefore increase the visibility and views of your Pinterest boards.

  • Make your boards unique. Your Pinterest boards should all be different from one another. The title of each of your boards should be distinct so that your boards have a clear variety and differentiation.

  • Show your brand or business personality. Pinterest is all about interests and inspiration. Create boards that showcase the unique and interesting personality of your business. Be creative and be yourself.

  • Include complete board descriptions. Be sure to include board descriptions that fully describe the contents of the board using obvious words. When Pinterest users search for interesting content on Pinterest, they may search by the description of the board.

    Adding a longer description using words that people might search for increases the odds that your boards will show up in Pinterest search results — leading to more visibility for your boards.

  • Include at least five pins in each board. Every board on Pinterest should be composed of at least five pins. When boards are displayed on your profile, five pins are featured on the board: the cover image (which is the larger pin in the top of the board) and four additional pins. If you don’t have at least five pins on a board, these image spaces are blank.

  • Order your boards with the ten best boards at the top. When viewing a Pinterest profile, the top ten boards are displayed at the top section of the page — so place your best boards at the top of the page.

    To reorder your Pinterest boards, navigate to your boards by clicking on the icon of your user picture in the upper-right corner and choosing Your Profile and Pins from the drop-down list.

    To rearrange the boards, click on the board you want to move, drag it to the location where you want to place it, and release the mouse button. It’s relatively easy to drag and drop boards to reorder them to focus attention on your best boards.