How to Leave a Collaborative Board on Pinterest - dummies

How to Leave a Collaborative Board on Pinterest

By Kelby Carr

You may find that people on Pinterest add you as a contributor to a collaborative board that you don’t want to participate in. Some might be too marketing-oriented, or it might be a topic that doesn’t interest you. Because people can add you to a Pinterest board (as long as you follow one another) without your approval, this can be an issue.

Also, after you’re added to someone else’s group board, the board appears on your own profile. At immediate glance on a profile’s pinboards, it isn’t clear which boards belong to the user and which ones are group boards.

Deleting yourself as a contributor from a collaborative board isn’t terribly intuitive, but it is simple. You can remove yourself from a group board by following these instructions:

  1. Navigate to your profile and find the group board you want to leave.

  2. Click the Edit button.

    The Edit Board page appears.


  3. Scroll down until you find your name on the list of pinners for that board.


  4. Click Remove to the right of your name.

    You’re removed from the board and can no longer pin items to it.

If you created the board, you cannot remove yourself from it, but you can remove any other people on the list.