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How to Explore Pinterest for Visual Social Marketing Content

By Krista Neher

To get started in visual social marketing on Pinterest, explore the content on Pinterest. Exploring pins, boards, and users helps you to find content and find users who share your interests.

You can search Pinterest content as a source of inspiration for creating content for your business. Pinners pin the content that they find most interesting from around the web, so it’s an excellent collection of the most visual and most interesting content that people are sharing.

How to search on Pinterest

Pinterest search is a powerful way to find content that you may be interested in, or to discover the content that your audience is already pinning.

To search on Pinterest, follow these steps:

  1. Type the term you want to search for in the Search box in the upper-left corner of the screen.

  2. Click the magnifying glass icon.

  3. Scroll down to browse pins.

    The returned results show you pins that contain the term you searched for in the description.


  4. Click the Boards tab to search boards.

    Searching pins shows you the pins that contain the search term, though you may want to see boards that are all about the content you’re searching for. In the upper-left corner of the search, you see a tab named Boards. Click this tab to view boards that include the search term in the title or description.

  5. Click the Pinners tab to find pinners.

    To the right of the Boards tab is the Pinners tab. Clicking it displays pinners or Pinterest users who include your search term in their usernames or descriptions. It’s a helpful way to find Pinterest users.

How to browse on Pinterest

In addition to searching to explore content on Pinterest, you can browse. Browsing is a useful way to explore Pinterest if you’re unsure exactly what you’re looking for or if you want to view pins from a broader category.

To browse on Pinterest, click the icon with three bars on it in the upper-left corner of the Pinterest screen. Then you see a drop-down list of categories, plus other choices such as Popular and Everything.

Browsing can help you to discover new pins. When browsing on Pinterest, you can only browse pins — not boards or pinners.