How to Create Pinterest Boards for Your Visual Social Marketing Content - dummies

How to Create Pinterest Boards for Your Visual Social Marketing Content

By Krista Neher

On Pinterest, users create boards, which are pages based around a specific theme. These boards are where users will see your visual social marketing content. On these boards, users pin content (display images from websites or that they upload). A board typically has multiple pins. Content is then pinned onto a board. A pin is an individual piece of content that’s pinned to a Pinterest board.

Here are some Pinterest boards from SparkPeople, a fitness and weight loss site.


After your basic account is set up, the first item to create for your Pinterest account is a board.

To create a Pinterest board, log in to your account and follow these steps:

  1. Click the plus button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

    Alternatively, if you’re already on the Boards page of your profile, you can click the big button labeled + Create Boards (with the plus sign) on the right side.

  2. Click on Create a Board from the drop-down list.

  3. Add the information for your board.

    Next, you create the Pinterest board.


    • Name: The only required field for the board. In the Name field, enter the name that describes your board.

    • Description: A text field, limited to 500 characters, that describes the board. Describe what the board is about and why someone may be interested in following it.

    • Category: Possible categories that most closely fit your board’s content. Adding a category to your board makes it easier to be found in searches on Pinterest.

    • Add a Map: Selecting Yes creates a place board. A place pin has a specific location connected to it. A place board highlights all place pins on a map.

    • Secret: Visible only to you and people you choose to invite to your board. A secret board doesn’t show up anywhere else on Pinterest. Your secret boards can be viewed at the bottom of your profile. (Again, only you can see them.) You can now create only three secret boards.

      You can make a secret board public, but you can’t make a public board secret. Select Yes to make a board secret or No to make it public.

  4. Click Create Board.

    Clicking this button creates your board and adds it to your profile.

The best boards on Pinterest are inspiring and interesting, and they draw people in with beautiful images. Pinterest is about interests and inspiration; rather than show only your products, show what inspires you to create them or what is most interesting about how they’re used.