How to Create Pins on Pinterest that Build Brand Interest - dummies

How to Create Pins on Pinterest that Build Brand Interest

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

When you first add Pinterest to your social marketing campaing, it may be frustrating to wait for people to comment on your pins. Try creating conversational pins to get people interested in your brand. It takes a while to grow a community and start receiving comments. With that said, there are ways to create the types of pins people feel inclined to comment on.

  • Appeal to emotion. Whether it’s laughing out loud or choking back tears, people talk about pins that inspire emotion. Before you pin something, ask yourself how you feel about it. If the answer is indifferent, consider finding something more thought-provoking.

  • Pin items your target audience can relate to. It’s important for you to stay on topic with your Pinterest community. For example, if you’re marketing to parent bloggers, your pins should reflect items of interest to parents. You want your community members to relate to you. If you go off topic, that will only confuse people. If they’re relating to your pins, they’ll comment to tell you why.

  • Be different. There may be times when you look at your feeds and notice that everyone is repinning the same thing. It’s great for the original pinner to have something go viral, but after a while, seeing the same image over and over gets boring. Go against the grain and find something different. Search Pinterest for pins that are compelling and unique, or create unique content and share that.

  • Find out what people are responding to. Take a ride around Pinterest. Which types of pins are getting the most comments and why? Is it the type of pin? The types of friends? How is the pinner interacting? Take notes.