How to Create Gift Guides on Pinterest to Market Your Products - dummies

How to Create Gift Guides on Pinterest to Market Your Products

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

As you can imagine, creating a Gift guide on Pinterest is a wonderful opportunity to reach a whole new consumer base. Although there’s not much you can do to change the way the Pinterest Gifts section works, you can make it easier for your followers to check out your gifts by making gift guides on specific boards that separate your gift pins into categories. For example, here are just a few possibilities:

  • Your catch-all gift guide: Some brands don’t sell a wide variety of items. If you sell just one type of thing, you might need only one gift guide for pinning gifts.

  • Holiday gift guides: This technique works especially well for brands that have particular holiday significance. For instance, are you marketing floral arrangements? Create separate boards to display Valentine’s Day bouquets, Christmas arrangements, Thanksgiving centerpieces, and so on.

  • Seasonal gift guides: Create four boards, one for each season, and fill them with appropriate gifts. If you sell fashion wear, for example, you could pin the sundresses on the Summer Gifts board and the sweaters on the Winter Gifts board.

  • Pricing gift guides: You can divide your merchandise into your own preferred price ranges. For instance, if you sell children’s toys, consider dividing categories by price so Uncle Fred can buy a gift that’s in the $5–$10 range, and Grandma and Grandpa can find a deluxe toy in the $50–$100 range.

  • And more: You have a lot of options. Check out what other brands are doing for gift guides, particularly brands that you compete with.

Put your gifts into specific gift guide categories that make sense for how your followers want to shop.

When creating a gift board, you want to make sure you reflect that in the title of the board — for instance, Easter Basket Gift Guide, Jewelry Gifts for Geeks, or Baby Dresses under $20.

It’s not enough to create a gift guide and leave it at that. Find creative ways to promote your guide. For example, advertise it on your blog or website or share it on Twitter and your brand’s Facebook Page. Don’t wait for people to find it. Also, make sure you promote often enough that it gets fresh views, but not so often that you’re spamming.