How to Create a New Board in Pinterest - dummies

How to Create a New Board in Pinterest

By Kelby Carr

A person’s Pinterest boards can be as varied and eclectic as the individual who populates them. The more you use Pinterest, the more types of things you’ll find to pin, and that often means creating new boards. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Sign in to your Pinterest account and click the Add+ button in the top-right corner of the Pinterest home page.

    The Add dialog box appears and presents you with three choices: Add a Pin, Upload a Pin, and Create a Board.


  2. Click the Create a Board option.

  3. When prompted, enter the basic information about your board: the name, category, and who can pin on this board, and click Create Board.


As you’re creating a board, it doesn’t have a spot for a description. After you create your board, click the Edit Board button in the top-middle of your board and add a description. This isn’t necessary, but it does appear at the top of the page when someone visits your board.

Naming your board on Pinterest

Pinterest is a unique animal on the Internet. In most cases online, being straightforward and clear is ideal. Because creativity is so prevalent on Pinterest, consider mixing boards that have unique and clever names with others that have basic, plain names. Although you won’t always have inspiration to get clever, when you can it’s more engaging. The trick is to be both clever and clear so people understand what they can find on the board.

You can always go back and change it later. Keep in mind, however, that after you name a board, it sets the URL for the board. If you later change it, the URL will also change (and any links to the board directly will no longer work).

Board names have a 180-character limit, so you have to keep it brief. Also, the board name can get cut short in some instances, such as on your profile page. Avoid using more than seven words.

Choosing a Pinterest category

Pinterest allows people to browse by category, so be sure to choose a category that accurately describes your board.

In most instances, identifying a category for your board is pretty clear. Pinterest has several categories that cover a wide variety of topics. Again, you can change this later.

You’re limited to the category options Pinterest makes available. Unfortunately, some boards don’t categorize well. If that’s the case for your board, find the best fit (or something general, such as My Life) and move on — don’t let it stop you from creating a board that’s a good idea.

Picking a category can be tricky at times, especially if you have a board that would fall nicely into two different categories. It’s a judgment call on your part. If you’re torn, you can also look at other pins in the categories you’re considering to help determine which is the better fit.

Deciding who can contribute to your board

You can create a board that only you can pin to, or you can create a board that allows other Pinterest users to contribute to it. In most situations, especially if you’re new to Pinterest, a solo board (where only you can add items) makes the most sense. To create a board that only you can pin to, select the Just Me option next to the Who Can Pin? question.

On the other hand, a group board offers many interesting possibilities. To create a group board, select the Me + Contributors option and select the users who can add things to the board.