How to Build Community through Visual Social Marketing on Pinterest - dummies

How to Build Community through Visual Social Marketing on Pinterest

By Krista Neher

Creating an account and pinning content is only the beginning of the opportunities to use visual social marketing to promote your business on Pinterest. The second step is to participate and engage on Pinterest. Participating on Pinterest is about interacting with other Pinterest users. Interacting with other Pinterest users can grow awareness for your account because whenever you interact with other users, they receive notifications in their Pinterest accounts.

After you’ve explored Pinterest and found users who share your interest, the next step is to interact with them. You can interact with pins, boards, and users. Interacting on Pinterest is one way to increase awareness, views, and interactions of your own Pinterest account.

When you interact with content on Pinterest, the creator of the content may be notified (depending on how her notifications are set up). When that person receives the notification, she sees that you interacted with her, and she may check out your account, boards, and pins. If she finds content she likes, she may interact with your content and in this way increase your exposure on Pinterest.

To see all options for interacting with a pin, click on the pin. After clicking on it, you see the Pin screen.


You can interact with pins in a number of ways:

  • Pin It: The Pin It button in the upper-left corner lets you repin a pin to your own boards. After clicking the Pin It button, you have the option to change the description and choose the board to pin to.

  • Liking a pin: To like a pin, click the heart on the upper-right corner of a pin. After you like a pin, the heart turns red.

  • Website button: Clicking the website button opens, in a new tab in your browser, the website from which the pin originated. This is where you can see the source of the pin.

  • Send: Sending the pin lets you e-mail a link to the pin. The Send button looks like an airplane.

  • Share: The button to the right of the Send button, with a square and an arrow, is the Share button. Clicking on this button lets you share a pin on Twitter or Facebook, or you can embed the pin into your blog or website.

  • Comment: Below the pin is the Comment entry box. From there, you can leave a comment about the pin.

You can also interact with boards on Pinterest. When you find a board that interests you, you can follow the board. Then new pins from the board display in your newsfeed when you log on to Pinterest. To follow a board, click the Follow button displayed below the board.

In addition to following boards, you can follow users on Pinterest. To follow a user, click the Follow All button in the top center area of the User Profile page. When you follow a user, you see her new pins in your newsfeed.

Overall, the strategy for building community on Pinterest is to find users who share your interests and “get on their radar” by interacting with their content. Interacting with other pins, boards, and pinners can increase the visibility of your account, boards, and pins.