How to Add a Price to Your Pin on Pinterest - dummies

How to Add a Price to Your Pin on Pinterest

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

One thing that sets Pinterest apart from other social networks is the ability to add prices to your marketing pins. If you put a price in the pin’s description, that same price appears in the upper-left corner of the pin.


To have a price appear on your pin, type the price in the description with either the dollar sign ($), or a British pound symbol (£). This method doesn’t work for other currencies. The beautiful thing about having the price tag is that it’s automatically added to the Pinterest Gift section, giving you the ability to reach a broader range of people.


It’s important to note that it takes some time for pins to appear in the Gift section because so many people are adding pins. Also, if you add both the U.S. dollar amount and the U.K. pound amount to your description, the U.K. pound symbol will appear on your pin.

However, this quirk shouldn’t stop you from creating your own gift guide.

When a pinner uses pricing in an image, Pinterest collects all the items and places them in its Gifts section. Hover on the Gifts link in the menu bar, and a drop-down menu of specific price ranges appears. You can set any price you want, and your item will appear on that price point’s page. To see one page that shows all Gifts, click the Gifts link.


Price ranges are as follows:

  • $1–$20

  • $20–$50

  • $50–$100

  • $100–$200

  • $200–$500

  • $500+

At first, pinned gifts appear at the top of the Gifts section, but as more gifts are pinned, your pin falls farther down the page. Therefore, the likelihood of your gift being seen in the Gifts section decreases over time. Also, the Gifts section isn’t independently searchable. Pinterest users can’t, for instance, search for rings that have price tags on them.