How to Add a Price Tag in Pinterest - dummies

How to Add a Price Tag in Pinterest

By Kelby Carr

Including a price tag with something you pin on Pinterest is beautifully simple. When you’re writing a description of a pin, include a dollar sign followed by the price, such as $1 or $3.25. When a price has been added to a pin’s description, Pinterest displays a price tag ribbon in the pin’s top-left corner.


Any time you include a dollar sign in a pin, it adds a price tag ribbon to the image. Some pins simply refer to a price to do a project where this might not make sense. If you wish to avoid having a price tag on a pin, don’t use the $ symbol (for example, say a project costs five dollars to make).

When you use the price tag feature on a pin, the pin will be pulled into the Gifts section, which you can find from the Pinterest home page. Click the Gifts link in the top-middle area of the Pinterest home page. Under the Gifts menu, pins are organized by price.