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How Pinterest Can Drive Sales of Your Brand

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

Pinterest offers a unique opportunity for brands to sell their products because not too many social networks allow you to display your products and pricing. Whether your brand is a product or a service, you can use Pinterest boards as catalogs, or gift guides, so that pinners can browse your wares and buy.

With all that said, you might be surprised to find out you can’t set up an actual shop on Pinterest. Though it’s the perfect social network for displaying your products, you can’t use Pinterest as an online store. Pinterest is, first and foremost, a social network. Although many opportunities for sales exist, you can’t actually hang an Open for Business banner in your storefront window.

Then how is Pinterest better at driving sales than Facebook or Twitter? There are several reasons:

  • Pinterest has a large female base. Women make the buying decisions in most households.

  • Pinterest is a visual site. Products and services are displayed in an esthetically pleasing manner. Pinners are enticed into buying because of the photos rather than a sales spiel.

  • Pinterest offers great product placement opportunities. Because you’re drawing in buyers via images rather than a written sales pitch, you can display your products in ways that best highlight their usefulness.

  • Images are shareable. When pinners like what they see, they repin. Your products have the ability to reach thousands of people. It would cost thousands of dollars to reach so many people with traditional advertising methods.

According to a social shopping survey, 59 percent of Pinterest users have purchased an item they saw on the site, whereas only 33 percent of Facebook users purchase items they find on brand pages. Moreover, even though Facebook users are more likely to click on product images to learn more about them, the majority of them don’t go much further than that. Pinners click and often buy.