Finding Time to Maintain a Pinterest Presence - dummies

Finding Time to Maintain a Pinterest Presence

By Kelby Carr

Part of Pinterest Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Pinterest can be addictive after you get the hang of it. That can be great if you have all the time in the world. Otherwise, you can still be active and engaged on Pinterest without letting it get in the way of work, life, sleep, and other social networks. Here are a few tips:

  • Have dedicated Pinterest time each day and limit it to a certain number of minutes. For example, getting on Pinterest can be a nice way to start the morning over coffee. You don’t need to do Pinterest just one time a day because it can be done very much in rapid-fire fashion (five minutes here, and five minutes there). Create a schedule and stick to it.

  • Install Pinterest’s official mobile app on your iPhone, if you have one. It is great for downtime such as standing in line or whenever you need to kill a couple minutes. With your phone, you can hop onto Pinterest anywhere.

  • Allow for more time on Pinterest when you first begin to help you get the hang of the site and get comfortable. Make plans to scale the time back as you learn the site and build a core of followers.

  • Integrate Pinterest into your daily routine. If you make it as easy as possible to pin as you do other things, that can really help. Install the Pinterest Pin It button, which can be found at, to allow you to easily pin great images while you do your normal web browsing.