Create a Collaborative Pinboard on Pinterest - dummies

Create a Collaborative Pinboard on Pinterest

By Kelby Carr

You can create a new board on Pinterest, you decide whether only you can pin to it or others can contribute as well. In most situations (especially if you’re new to Pinterest) a solo board makes the most sense. On the other hand, a group board offers many interesting possibilities, such as the following:

  • Collaborating on work projects, such as sharing articles that offer tips on a specific industry or case studies that are relevant to the staff

  • Planning a home renovation with your family and contractors, sharing things such as color schemes, sample rooms, DIY project articles, and room layouts that you like

  • Promoting a joint cause or topic, sharing content that is relevant, such as statistics on the issue, ways to donate or volunteer, and stories of people helped by the cause

  • Sharing seasonal or topical content, such as a holiday cookie board to collect and share recipes or a Mother’s Day board to share crafts for kids to make gifts

When you create a new board in Pinterest, you have a “Who can pin?” option. To create a group board, select Me + Contributors. You can add members either by their Pinterest member name or their e-mail address. If you start typing a member name in the text box, Pinterest automatically populates a list of possible matches, and you can select the right person from the list. Then just click the Add button next to the name.

Create a pinboard that other Pinterest users can post to.
Create a pinboard that other Pinterest users can post to.

To invite someone via e-mail, type or paste in e-mail addresses one at a time in the field that appears when you click Me + Contributors and then click Add.

Some people don’t like to be added to boards without being asked first, especially because the boards then appear on their own profiles. When in doubt, it’s best to check with people first before you add them to a group board.