Basics of Key Pinterest Profile Statistics for Visual Social Marketing - dummies

Basics of Key Pinterest Profile Statistics for Visual Social Marketing

By Krista Neher

In any visual social marketing campaign, you want to follow the statistics. Underneath the elements in your Pinterest profile on your public profile page are some statistics about your profile. It shows basic information about how active the account is and how many followers an account has. Here’s the information you see displayed below the profile information:

  • Get Started: Clicking Get Started lets you access tools that you can use to add Pinterest to your website. The first option is to install the Pin It button on your website. This button lets users pin your web page with only one click. The second option is to spread the word with the Follow Me button. Installing this button on your website lets users follow you with only one click.

    The Get Started button is displayed only if you have verified a website as a part of your profile. If you haven’t verified a website, you don’t have access to these tools.

    The Get Started button doesn’t appear again after you have initially clicked on it.

  • Number of boards: Shows the number of boards that the user has created. Clicking on the Boards button displays the boards created by the user.

  • Pins: Indicates the number of pins that the user has pinned. Clicking on Pins shows you all pins created by the account.

  • Likes: Shows the number of pins that the user has liked. A user on Pinterest may like pins created by other Pinterest users. Clicking on the Likes button displays all pins that the user has liked.

  • Follow All: The Follow All button lets a user follow all boards created by the user. This button is displayed when you’re on the profile page of another user.

  • Followers: Displays the number of users who are following the account, or all boards. On Pinterest, users can follow all boards from an account, or individual boards. The Followers number is the number of people following all boards. Clicking on the Followers link shows the user profiles of all people following the account.

  • Following: Shows the number of accounts that the user is following. Clicking the Following link displays the profiles of the users that the account is following.

  • Invite Friends to Pinterest: Inviting friends can make your Pinterest experience more social. Clicking the Invite Friends button lets you involve friends via e-mail or other social networks.

  • Find Friends: Below the words Find Friends are Pinterest users you may be interested in connecting with. Clicking the text Find Friends displays the Pinterest profiles of people you may know based on your connections on other social networks.

  • Notifications: Notifications are updates about how people have interacted with you on Pinterest. Beside your user profile image and name in the upper-right corner is a double pushpin button signifying your notifications. If a number appears in this space instead of the pin, the number signifies the number of notifications you have.