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What Ning Network Administrators Can and Can’t Do

By Manny Hernandez

While your Ning network grows, as long as you choose the right people to be Administrators, you’ll be thankful for having them there. When you appoint someone as an Administrator on your network, he or she has certain privileges and certain restrictions.

What a Ning Administrator can do

Given the extent of the things Administrators can do, this list highlights only some of the most important ways in which they can help:

  • Featuring members and their contributions

  • Moderating and banning members

  • Moderating discussion topics

  • Managing chat sessions

  • Moderating new content and new groups

What a Ning Administrator cannot do

To help you visualize the differences between what an Administrator can do on a network and what the Network Creator can do, take a look at the Manage page that an Administrator gets.


Now, take a look at the Manage page that the Network Creator gets.


The differences between an Administrator’s Manage page and that of a Network Creator are

  • Administrators can’t change the network information. Network information includes the name, tagline, and description of the network, along with the network keywords, language, time zone, network icon, default profile photo and favicon (the small icon that appears in the browser, next to your a Web site’s address).

  • Administrators can’t modify the analytics code for the network. Only the Network Creator can add or modify this code.

  • Administrators can’t add or remove premium services. This matter is critical because premium services are the only elements in a network on Ning that you pay for (if you use them).

  • Administrators can’t modify the network privacy. This involves switching the network to public or private and the variations on these two themes.

  • Administrators can’t alter feature controls. Feature controls include control over what can be changed on profile pages, as well as managing your members’ events, groups, photos, videos, and music.

  • Administrators can’t take the network offline. When the network is offline, only the Network Creator can view it.

  • Administrators can’t delete the network. You can sleep peacefully! If you ever experience an Administrator uprising, your Administrators aren’t going to be able to delete the network.