How to Use Your Ning Activity Feed - dummies

How to Use Your Ning Activity Feed

By Manny Hernandez

Your Ning Activity Feed gives you lots of territory to explore: Through it, you can manage your participation in networks you’re a member of and keep a tab on networks you create. You can also use your Activity Feed to find out about networks you could benefit from joining:


  • Status: Update your status, much you like you can do on Facebook or MySpace. This status not only appears on your Ning Activity Feed, but also gets updated in every network on Ning you belong to.

  • Latest Activity: This stream pulls information from several different places, including status updates from your Ning friends and the Latest Activity entries from all Ning networks you deal with.


  • Profile photo: If you added a profile photo when you signed up, clicking it takes you to your profile page on Ning. Clicking the Edit Your Profile link below it takes you to the My Settings page.

  • My Social Networks: The social networks on Ning that you’re a member of. You can expand the number of networks you belong to by clicking the link Find Networks to Join, which takes you to the Social Networks page.

  • My Friends: The My Friends grid shows up to 15 of your friends across all networks on Ning that you’re a member of. Click the View All # Friends link below the grid (where # is the number of friends that you have across all social networks on Ning) to open the My Friends page.


  • Notifications: A summary of the notifications you have outstanding in connection with all networks you belong to. Notifications include

    • Network Invitations: Messages you’ve received inviting you to join other networks.

    • Network Friend Requests: Messages from others who want to be your friend in one of your networks.

    • New Messages: Private messages you’ve received from others in your networks.

    • Group Invitations: Invitations you’ve gotten to join groups in your networks.

    • Event Invitations: Invitations you’ve received to attend events in your networks.

    • Application Alerts: Alerts sent by OpenSocial applications you have set up in your networks.

  • My Links: Contains links that you can add and modify through your Settings page.

  • Create Your Own Social Network button: When you click this button, you’re taken through the steps involved in setting up your own network.