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How to Syndicate Your Ning Network’s Content

By Manny Hernandez

Your Ning network gives you a lot of ways to use RSS feeds to syndicate content you and your members contribute to the network. If the titles of the items in your network’s RSS feeds are informative and compelling enough, people visiting other Web sites that display your network’s RSS feed may click the titles and end up visiting your network.

In case you’re wondering what “informative and compelling” titles means, it’s another way of saying search engine-friendly (or SEO-friendly). Make sure the titles of all content on your network are informative, compelling, and concise:

  • Informative: The title gives enough information about the post or topic dealt with.

  • Compelling: The title invites the reader to click it.

  • Concise: The title is neither too long nor too short, but just long enough to give enough information to get the reader to click it.

Some of the most popular RSS feeds from your network that you can add elsewhere are

  • Everyone’s blog posts: If you click the Blogs link in your navigation, the page you get to contains the title and first few lines of every blog post made by members of your community.

  • Discussion forum posts: Over time, while more and more topics are started and discussed, the discussion forum becomes a hub of activity.

  • Group discussions: Every single group on your network with discussion forums on it has an RSS feed associated with it.

  • Recent public photos and latest videos: Depending on the level of adoption by your members, the Photos and Videos section of your network can also be great sources of material to syndicate elsewhere through the RSS feeds they offer.

To obtain the RSS feed for a particular page on your network, keep your eyes open for the famous orange RSS icon. In most cases, if a page on Ning has one or more RSS feeds associated with it, the RSS icon is found at the bottom of the page. When you spot it, click the icon and copy the URL from your browser’s navigation bar.