How to Start a Ning Forum Discussion - dummies

How to Start a Ning Forum Discussion

By Manny Hernandez

When you join a Ning network, you can check out the forums for interesting topics of conversation. If you don’t find a discussion that you like, you can start your own forum discussion:

1Log in to your social network.

Your profile page appears.

2Click the Forum link in the navigation bar for your network.

The Discussion Forum page opens.

3Enter search terms in the search box and press Enter to find out if anyone else has already brought up the topic you’re thinking of.

If you don’t find anything, you can get started with the new topic.

4Click the Add a Discussion link at the top-right of the page.

The Add a Discussion page appears, where you can craft the first post of what will hopefully turn into a fruitful discussion.

5Enter a title in the Discussion Title text box.

Try including keywords in the title in order to help make the topic easier to find through search engines.

6In the Post text box, type an elaboration on your topic.

Give the other members access to enough information to understand your point.

7(Optional) Format your Post entry.

You can add bold, italics, and underline formatting to the text, if you want. You can also include a link to a reference, if you have one.

8If you want to add an image, click the colored icon on the formatting toolbar above the Post text box.

The Add an Image window opens, where you can either find an image file on your computer or include the link to an existing image elsewhere and embed it in your new discussion.

9Click the Add button.

The needed HTML code is inserted into the text for you.

10Select a category from the Category drop-down list.

If your discussion forum has categories into which it’s divided, you have the option to select where you want your new discussion topic to appears.

11In the Tags text box, enter tags that apply to your discussion.

These tags make the topic easier to search. You can think of tags as keywords that describe the topic.

12To upload a file, click the Upload Files link below the Post text box.

A panel appears that lets you find the file in your computer to attach to your post.

13When you have all the ingredients ready, click the Add Discussion button.

Let the replies roll in!