How to RSVP to an Event on Ning - dummies

How to RSVP to an Event on Ning

By Manny Hernandez

On Ning, after you find that conference you were looking for or that party you want to attend, you have to RSVP for the event so that the organizer can get the right amount of drinks, food, and goods for all attendees — and also so your Ning network friends know you’re going.

To RSVP for an event, click the event you’re interested in attending on the Events page. You’re taken to a page that shows you the details about the event. Some of these details are optional for the event creator to supply, so they don’t necessarily appear in all events:


  • Event name: At the top of the event page in big letters — you can’t miss it!

  • Event time: When (date and time) the event is set to start.

  • Location: The venue where the event will take place.

  • (Optional) City/Town: The city or town where the event is being held.

  • (Optional) Website or Map: A Web site where you can get more information about the event or a link to a map page showing you how to get to the event.

  • (Optional) Phone: A phone number you can call for more information.

  • Event Type: Describes the event in general terms. Possible event types are party, conference, fundraiser, and meeting.

  • (Optional) Organized By: The person or organization responsible for putting together the event.

  • Latest Activity: The date shown in this field indicates the last time that someone added a comment on the event or gave an RSVP for it.

  • Invite More People link: You can invite others to an event you’re attending — even if you’re not the event creator.

  • Export to Outlook or iCal (.ics) link: Clicking this link lets you export the event details to your favorite calendar application sothat you can have it as part of your schedule.

  • Event Description: Contains as much detail as the event creator added about it. The description is followed by two buttons that let you navigate back to the previous event in the calendar or forward to the next one.

  • Comment Wall for the event: This Comment Wall works just like the Comment Wall for the members on the network.

  • Your RSVP: Until you enter a status, your RSVP appears as You Have Not Responded. After you find out all you need to know about the event, you can RSVP for it by selecting either the Might Attend or Will Attend option.

  • Guest List: Unless the event creator chose to hide the guest list, below Your RSVP appears the list of attendees, followed by the list of those who might attend and those who are not attending the event.