How to Respond to a Ning Forum Discussion - dummies

How to Respond to a Ning Forum Discussion

By Manny Hernandez

If you get to Ning’s discussion forums and find that your idea for a new Ning discussion topic isn’t as new as you thought or you find an existing topic that you feel compelled to participate in, you can easily join in the discussion:

1Log in to your social network.

Your profile page appears.

2Click the Forum link in the navigation bar for your network.

The Discussion Forum page opens.

3Enter search terms in the search box and press Enter.

Look for a discussion that piques your interest in the search results.

4Click the name for the discussion you want to read.

The page for that discussion appears.

5If you want to reply to the post the discussion started with, type your comment in the text box directly below the discussion.

If you want to reply to someone else who has already replied, click the right-pointing arrow next to the words Reply to This and enter your response in the text box that appears.

6(Optional) Format your comment.

You can add bold, italics, and underline formatting to the text, if you want.

7If you want to add an image, click the colored icon on the formatting toolbar above the Post text box.

The Add an Image window opens, where you can either find an image file on your computer or include the link to an existing image elsewhere and embed it in your new discussion.

8Click the Add button.

The needed HTML code is inserted into the text for you.

9Click Add Reply to submit your reply.

It appears in chronological order below any other existing replies to the main topic, and the left margin of your reply is aligned with the original post (or the reply that you responded to).