How to Rate Photos and Videos on Ning - dummies

How to Rate Photos and Videos on Ning

By Manny Hernandez

On Ning, people contribute photos and videos for their networks. One of the subtlest but nicest things you can do in a Ning network is to praise somebody else’s photo or video by rating it (assuming you give it a high rating, of course). You’re given the option to give a rating of one to five stars to every photo and every video on your network:

  1. Log in to your social network.

    Your profile page appears.

  2. Go to the video or photo page that you want to rate.


    How you find this video or photo depends on what you’re looking for. When you find it, five blank stars appear below the item on the right next to the word Rate.

  3. Click the star that designates the rating you want to give.

    One star means you hated it, five stars means it was just the best thing you’ve seen in awhile. See whether your rating matches with the average rating, which appears below the item on the left.