How to Manage Your Ning Playlist - dummies

How to Manage Your Ning Playlist

By Manny Hernandez

You can manage your Ning playlist in a number of ways. To manage your playlist, click the Edit Playlist link below the My Music box on your profile page. You’re taken to the Edit Playlist page. On that page, you can make all the following changes:


  • Play tracks: You can play any of the tracks on your playlist by clicking the little button to the left of the track name.

  • Reorder tracks: You can drag and drop tracks to change the order in which they’re played.

  • Delete tracks: You can delete tracks by clicking the Delete link to the right of the track you want to remove.

  • Edit tracks: You can edit a lot of details about each track by entering or editing the information in the appropriate field after you click the Edit link beside the track name:

    • The title of the track

    • The artist

    • The album name

    • The album artwork

    • Enable the download link for the track

    • Allow another member to add the track to the My Music box on his or her member profile page

  • More: You can specify a track’s Genre, Year, Label, Artist Site, Hosting Site, Label, whether it has Explicit Lyrics, Label Site, License, License Name, and License URL