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How to Manage Forum Discussions on Your Ning Network

By Manny Hernandez

As a Ning Network Creator, you have a lot of control over discussion topics on the network. You can manage those discussions by using the following options (which appear below the Admin Options header on the discussion page):


  • Feature: Clicking this link pushes the discussion topic to the top of the featured discussions list. If you set the Main Forum Page Style option to list Categories or Latest Discussions by Time, featured discussions appear at the top of the main Forum page under the Featured Discussions header. Also, featured discussions can appear in the Forum feature box on the main page of the network. When you click this link, it changes to Stop Featuring, which you can click to, not surprisingly, stop featuring the discussion.

  • Close Discussion: Clicking this option prevents any further replies from being added to the discussion. When you click the link, it changes to Re-Open Discussion, which you can click to allow further replies to be posted.

  • Add Tags: This option lets you describe with keywords what the topic is about.

  • Delete Discussion: Clicking this link results in the removal of the entire discussion topic, deleting the initial post, along with all the replies. Before removing the topic, you get a confirmation box asking whether you’re sure that you want to do so.

If you want to remove a single reply in a discussion topic, not the entire discussion, click the small X on the top right of the post you want to delete.