How to Manage Events on Ning - dummies

How to Manage Events on Ning

By Manny Hernandez

When you create an event on Ning, you can make changes to it and manage many of its features. Each event has the following management options available to the administrator, which you can find by clicking Edit on the Events box on the Main page:


  • Feature: You can feature the event. Clicking the Feature link displays the event at the top of the Events page, below the Featured Events heading. Also, featured events appear on the main page if your network displays featured events in the Events box.

  • Edit Event Type: You can edit the event type, which is equivalent to editing the tags or keywords associated with an event. You can add descriptors such as party, conference, and chat to events. When you click the Edit Event Type link, a panel opens below it, where you can add or edit keywords. When you’re done, click the Save button below the panel.

  • Delete Event: If you click the Delete Event link, you get a confirmation message asking whether you’re sure that you want to delete this event. If you agree to do so, the event is removed from the network altogether.