How to Join a Private Network on Ning - dummies

How to Join a Private Network on Ning

By Manny Hernandez

You know a Ning network is private if you don’t see the network’s main page. Instead, when you enter the network’s URL in your browser, you see only the network’s Sign In page.


Private networks can be set up in one of two ways:

  • To allow anyone to become a member: If you want to join a network set up in this way, you can simply join by clicking the Sign Up link and filling in the appropriate information.

  • To allow only invited people to become a member: If the network is set up in this way, the Sign In page is different — it has no Sign Up button. You can sign up only by clicking the link in the invitation e-mail you received from a member of the network. If you don’t have an invitation . . . well, you’re out of luck.

There’s a special case, regardless of the network being public or private. The Network Creator may have set up the network to approve any new members before they can join. If this is the case, after you click the Join button, you’re presented with a message informing you that your membership is pending approval. You have the option to withdraw the request to become a member by clicking the Withdraw Request link.


You receive an e-mail when the Network Creator approves your profile. If he or she doesn’t approve your profile, the network administrators can send you a personal message or contact you via e-mail, letting you know why. You can attempt to sign up again and make any necessary changes to your profile so that it gets approved the second time around.