How to Find an Event on Ning - dummies

How to Find an Event on Ning

By Manny Hernandez

You can find all the events that have been created on your Ning network by accessing the Events page. You can access this page by clicking the Events tab in the navigation bar at the top of your Ning page.

When you land on the Events page, you see

  • The events that have been featured by the Administrators at the top of the page

  • All the events existing on the network


Each event listing contains enough information to help you make up your mind about it. Listings also show your RSVP information for each event.

You can find a particular event in a couple of ways:

  • Search: If you think you know what the event’s called (or know a keyword that adequately describes it), you can search for it by using the search box on the Events page. The results page contains a listing with all the events that match your search, arranging them in a similar way to the events on the Events page.

  • Calendar: Find the event you’re looking for by navigating through the calendar that appears in the bottom-right of the Events page. The calendar shows the current and next months and offers Last Month and Next Month links to let you go back or forward in time and find more events.

    Days on which there’s at least one event scheduled appear as clickable on the calendar, and clicking any of the days takes you to a page that looks like the one shown here.