How to Comment on Ning User Contributions - dummies

How to Comment on Ning User Contributions

By Manny Hernandez

When you sign in to your Ning account, you can leave comments on other Ning users’ blog posts, events you have given an RSVP to, photos, and videos. Your comments may include the same elements as a comment you’d leave on a member’s Comment Wall: pure text, links to other Web sites, and embedded videos and/or photos.


To leave a comment, type it in the Comment box that appears on that member’s profile page. You can jazz up your comment in a few ways:

  • To apply bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough format to the text, click the B, I, U, or S button, respectively.

  • To turn a portion of the comment you leave into a link, select the text, click the chainlike button, and enter the URL of the page to which you want to link in the dialog box.

  • To add an image to the comment, click the colored rectangular button and fill in the information in the Add an Image dialog box.

  • To insert a file into your comment, click the white document-shaped button and choose the file in the Upload a File dialog box.

If you want to, you can embed HTML code in the Comment box, including embedding videos.

After you leave a comment anywhere in the network, you can delete it by clicking the little x symbol next to it. You can’t edit your comment, but you can delete it and post a new comment with whatever corrections you want ot make.

Leaving sincere and useful comments on other people’s contributions helps earn you the trust of other members in the network.