How to Add Tracks to Your Ning Playlist - dummies

How to Add Tracks to Your Ning Playlist

By Manny Hernandez

Your Ning network’s Music Player includes the network’s playlist. The Network Creator sets up the network’s playlist, but you can create and manage your own. You can add tracks to your playlist by choosing from the music already on the network or by adding your own.

Tracks already on the network

Add tracks from the network’s playlist:

  1. Double-click a track in the Music Player on the network’s main page.

  2. When the track is playing, click the Add to My Page link above the Play button.

    The track appears at the end of your playlist.

Tracks on your hard drive

Add tracks from your computer:

  1. Go to your profile page.

  2. Click the Add Music link below the My Music box.


    The Add Music page appears, where you can upload audio tracks from your computer.

  3. Add tracks by using either the simple uploader or the bulk music uploader.

    By default, the bulk music uploader appears when you click the Add Music page. The bulk music uploader lets you upload 62 songs at a time.

    Networks on Ning support only the MP3 file format. You can upload up to 100 MP3 files in total. Each file may be up to 20MB.

Tracks on the Internet

Add tracks from elsewhere on the Web:

  1. Click the Edit Playlist link below the My Music box that’s located on your profile page.

    The Add Music page appears.

  2. Click the Add Music link below the From Another Website heading.


    A dialog box appears.

  3. Enter up to four URLs of audio tracks in the text boxes, and then click the Add Songs button.

    The Music Player establishes a link to the external MP3s you add.