How to Add Photos to Ning One by One - dummies

How to Add Photos to Ning One by One

By Manny Hernandez

If you have only a photo or two that you want to upload to Ning, or if you’re having problems with Ning’s bulk uploader, you can use the simple uploader:

1Sign in to your social network.

Your profile page appears.

2Click the Photos tab in the top navigation bar.

The Photos page appears.

3Click Click to Add Photos.

The uploader window opens.

4In the dialog box, browse to find the photo you want to upload and click Select.

With the simple uploader, you can browse to find photos one by one.

5When you find all the photos you want, add them to your network all at once by clicking the Add Photos button.

The simple uploader lets you upload up to eight photos at a time. A confirmation message appears when Ning finishes the upload.