How to Add Notes to Your Ning Network - dummies

How to Add Notes to Your Ning Network

By Manny Hernandez

Notes is not included by default among the features that launch with your Ning network, so before you can add any notes, you need to make sure to add Notes as a feature to your Ning network:

1Click the Manage link on your network’s navigation bar.

The Manage page appears.

2Click the Features icon below the Your Network header.

The Manage Features page opens.

3Click the Notes feature in the Features list on the left and drag it where you want to include it on your network’s main page.

When you add the Notes feature, Notes is a new option in your network’s navigation bar.

4Click the Notes option on your network's navigation bar to add a note.

The page that opens is in itself a note, titled Notes Home by default.

5To add a new note, click the Add a Note link at the top-right of the page.

A new note appears.

6Click the Edit Note link below Feature.

When you click Edit Note, the Notes editor page appears.

7Edit the content of the note, either in Rich Text format or in Source format.

The Rich Text option lets you edit the note in a way that resembles how the note appears to those who view it after it’s saved. The Source option allows you to control the HTML code of the content in the note.

8Select the Preview option to preview your note before you save the changes.

The Preview option shows you exactly how your note will look when published, but it doesn’t allow you to make any edits; you have to go back to the Rich Text option or the Source option to do that.

9When you finish with any changes to a note, click the Save button (either the one above the content window or the one below it).

You’re taken to the note’s page, which reflects the changes you made.