How to Add a Video to Ning from Another Web Site - dummies

How to Add a Video to Ning from Another Web Site

By Manny Hernandez

You can easily add videos to your Ning network from YouTube, Google Video, and just about every other video Web site you run into. Put a video that you find another site onto your Ning network:

  1. On the page where you found the video you want to add, locate and copy the HTML embed code for it.

    For example, in the case of a video on YouTube, you can find the HTML embed code in the box labeled Embed to the right of the video.

  2. Sign in to your social network.

    Your profile page appears.

  3. Click the Videos tab in the top navigation.

    The Videos page appears.


    The Videos page appears.

  4. Click the Add Videos link below the heading Add Videos from YouTube or Google.

    The Add Videos page appears.

  5. In the provided box, paste the HTML embed code you copied in Step 1, and then click the Add Video button.

    The video is now available under your Videos tab.