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How to Work within MySpace’s Profile Customization Restrictions

MySpace has some restrictions when it comes to customizing your MySpace profile, although the social networking site allows you a lot of leeway. The limitations apply mainly to your profile’s basic structure of your profile — and the appropriateness of the pictures or words you might post.

With just a little extra work, you can change the appearance and sound of your MySpace page, including the background, text, and audio.

But MySpace doesn’t give you free rein with some things in your profile:

  • Basic profile information: The same basic information (About Me, Comments, and so on) has to appear in every profile. You can reorder those fields in limited ways by using templates or your own CSS (cascading style sheets), but that information is always there.

  • Inappropriate material: MySpace checks your profile for inappropriate or pornographic images and other disruptive content.

  • MySpace advertising: MySpace doesn’t want you to use code to cover their advertisements or inserts on your page. They have to pay the bills somehow, and they’re throwing the party.

If you don’t want your account to be deleted or changed, it’s best to follow house rules and keep your profile in line.