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How to Use Instant Messaging with Your MySpace Account

MySpaceIM pairs MySpace Instant Messaging (IMing) with the popular Internet phone service Skype, enabling you to send and receive either typed messages or voice communication.

MySpaceIM works on only Windows machines that use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. If you have a Mac or use a different browser, you’re out of luck. Also, anybody you IM must also use MySpaceIM. Finally, you need a microphone and speakers hooked up to your computer to use the Skype feature.

To use MySpaceIM, download the program from the MySpaceIM page and follow the instructions to set it up. It requires the following information:

  • The e-mail address you used to sign up for MySpace.

  • Your MySpace password.

  • Your MySpace username. If you already have one, it’s entered automatically. If you don’t, the program prompts you to create one.

MySpaceIM isn’t much different from other IM programs. You can type messages in real-time between two people who use the program, and all the friends you have available for chat appear in a list on the screen.

Adding friends for MySpace IMing

Part of what makes MySpaceIM so convenient is that your Friend List is already created for you by MySpace. You just have to pick which ones you want to IM from your MySpace profile:

  1. Log in to your MySpace account.

  2. Start MySpaceIM by clicking the IM/Call link in the Contact box on the profile page of the person you want to add as a friend.

  3. Click File, and then click Add Friends.

  4. Select which friends you want to add.

    If you know which friends you want to add, you can pick them individually. Click which ones you want in the separate window MySpaceIM brings up. You can also choose to add all your friends or just the ones in your Top Friends list.

  5. Now, click your friend’s name to send him a message.

    You both have to be logged in to chat.

Making a MySpace voice connection

Signing in and using the MySpaceIM service means you’re going to sign up for the Skype service, as well. Click the Call button next to your MySpaceIM friend when you’re both online to start a Skype conversation. You can also change from IM to voice by clicking the Call button in your chat window.

MySpace’s ongoing tweaks and limitations

In addition to Instant Messaging, MySpaceIM has an ever-changing set of functions. You can access most of these functions by choosing File→Preferences in the MySpaceIM program, so go there after you download the program to see what’s available. And check MySpace often to see what’s developing.

MySpaceIM doesn’t interact with Instant Messaging services such as AIM, Google, or MSN. It also doesn’t work with client programs such as Trillian and meebo (which group the functions of other IM services together). The two selling points for MySpaceIM, in this case, are ease of use and interaction with the main MySpace site. The best use of this program is to keep in touch with your main MySpace friends or to communicate via voice with other MySpaceIM and Skype users.