How to Rate and Comment on MySpace Videos - dummies

How to Rate and Comment on MySpace Videos

Not only can you watch videos that other MySpace users have posted, you can rate and comment on those videos. Just use the options MySpace provides below each video.


You can click the MySpace icons below the video to show approval (Booyah!) or disapproval (No Way!). You can also click links on the right to perform the following actions:

  • Bulletin This: Allows you to bulletin the video, which sends out a bulletin with links to the video.

  • Email This: This command sends your friends a link to the video. Just add their e-mail addresses and a personal message.

  • Save to Favorites: This option saves the video to your My Favorites section on your Videos page.

  • Blog This: This option allows you to blog the video, which creates a blog entry on your profile and links it to the video.

  • Add to Profile: This command can sometimes be unreliable. It might be better to manually embed the video.

  • Flag as Inappropriate: If you think a video violates the MySpace rules, clicking this link notifies the authorities to look into the video.

Unless you actually host the video yourself, it’s always subject to the whims of the person who’s giving it virtual real estate, and it could disappear at any time. Check back every so often to make sure the video is still on MySpace and to delete any dead links.