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How to Manage Your MySpace Group

After you create your own MySpace group and maybe get a few MySpace users to join that group, it’s time to see how you can get your group really started and get others to participate and contribute.

Posting pictures to your MySpace group

Click the Upload Image link on your group’s main page to access MySpace’s screen for posting images to your group. You may even want to start uploading photos right after you create the group. If you’re in a car group, post some pictures of your latest trip to the dealership. A music group might appreciate seeing your snapshots from a concert. Let your imagination run wild.

Your group can also have a default image the same way your profile does.

Inviting others to join your MySpace group

Click the Groups link at the top of your profile page, select My Groups from the menu on the upper-left side of the page, and click the name of your group. You should notice a Moderator image just below your picture. Congratulations on your new title!

In the top-right of your page, click the Invite Others button.


You can select people from your Friend List to invite, or you can search for other MySpace users to bring in. After they accept (hey, why not be optimistic here?), they can see your group and participate in the bulletins, forums, and pictures your group hosts (assuming you’ve activated those options).

Posting a bulletin to your MySpace group

To post a bulletin for your group, click the Post Bulletin link on your group’s main page. For example, people in your Italian movie group would probably like to know about the film festival going on right now just down the road from you. Send out periodic updates about your group and the members, too.

Posting a topic in your MySpace group

If you have the urge to post a topic for your group, click the Post Topic link on your group’s main page. This command sets up a discussion topic in your forum. Group members can post about that topic, and you can get a dialogue going from there.

Keeping your MySpace group focused

Because your group probably has a particular focus — say, a group of book fans — try to keep the discussion focused on those matters. If a group doesn’t seem to have much purpose or focus, people tend to lose interest — and then they stop checking back in. The title of Moderator means it’s your responsibility to guide the discussion and activities along.