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How to Manage Your MySpace Filmmaker Profile

After you create your MySpace filmmaker profile, you can find all your film-specific options by clicking the Edit Profile link in your filmmaker profile. These options are the main differences between a filmmaker profile and a personal profile on MySpace — and they’ve been created specifically to help you manage and distribute your films to your heart’s content.

The Film Maker Details tab

The Film Maker Details tab lets you manage a majority of the text and information that appears on your public filmmaker profile. To edit any of the fields in the Film Maker Details window, simply click the Edit link that’s located under each one:


  • Roles: This is where you can list what your role is in relation to the films being showcased on your profile page.

  • Status: Let people know your film status by announcing yourself as a Student, a Professional, or an Amateur.

  • Web Site: List any other sites you might have that contribute to your filmmaking.

  • Influences: In this field, you can enter names of the people who have inspired you to become the remarkable filmmaker that you are today.

  • Directors: You can list any directors that you admire here. Or, if you’re a director, feel free to list yourself — after all, you’ve earned it.

  • Awards: Let the world know just how awesome you really are by adding a few of your awards to your profile. No awards to speak of? Make up a few (Sasquatch Documentarian of the Decade, Hopscotch Grand Master, Prom Video Editing Co-Chair, and so on) and see if anyone notices.

  • Festivals: For many filmmakers, going to festivals can make or break their careers. If you’re going to any festivals add them in this field.

  • Professional Affiliations: Show people just how connected you are by listing the professional organizations you belong to, and who you’ve worked with — or who you’re currently working for — in the industry.

The Screenings tab

When you finally finish your next big film, you’ll want people to come check out your screenings. Look no further than the Screenings tab, which is where you can start adding the events that you want people to know about.

To add an event, fill out all the information in the Screenings form — which includes the screening date and time, the location, the cost, and a description of the event. After you have it all filled out, click the Update button to save the event information.


Just because the box is labeled Upcoming Screenings, don’t feel like those are the only events you can list here. You can add any other parties, events, or casual get-togethers that you want your fellow MySpacers to know about. Of course, if the events are film-related, so much the better.