How to Make MySpace Account Changes - dummies

How to Make MySpace Account Changes

MySpace makes it easy to get under the hood of your account and tinker with your MySpace page. Those adjustments affect how your account operates not only for you, but also for the users who encounter your page.

You can change how your MySpace page operates on the Settings: Account page.

  1. Log in to your MySpace account.

    Your MySpace home page appears.

  2. Click the Settings button in the Control Panel box on the left side of the screen, under your profile picture.

    You’re whisked to the Settings: Account page, where you can tinker with your page.

Here are a number of the links for settings you can change from this page:

  • Account: Alter the e-mail account associated with your page, change your Account Settings (your Preferred Site & Language, the Time Zone), and even cancel your account.

  • Password: Change your password. You’re required to enter your current password and new password, as well as a verification code.

  • Privacy: In order to protect MySpace users who want to keep their profiles limited to friends only, MySpace has added a number of privacy controls designed to limit who can see or comment on your site:

    • Hide your online status.

    • Block your birthday from friends.

    • Allow only friends to view your full profile.

    • Block picture-forwarding from your account.

    • Block users under the age of 18 from contacting you.

  • Spam: While MySpace has gotten bigger and bigger, the amount of spammers that it attracts has grown, as well.

    To help you keep your MySpace experience as spam-free as possible, there are some tools built specifically for keeping the unwanted away from your profile:

    • Select a spam preset of Low, Medium, High, or Custom.

    • Decide whether you want non-friends to be able to send you messages (they can by default).

    • Require other MySpace users to know either your last name or e-mail before they can send you a Friend Request.

    • Block all bands, comedians, and filmmakers from sending you Friend Requests.

    • Request approval for all comments left on your profile or request a visual CAPTCHA before they can post. You can also decide if you only want your friends to have the ability to comment on your blogs.

    • Block Group Invitations from Groups.

    • Block Event Invitations from non-friends, bands, comedians, and filmmakers.

    • Block IM Requests from non-friends (non-friends can request by default).

  • Notifications: Decide whether you want newsletters and e-mail notifications sent to you from MySpace when different actions occur, such as receiving a message or comment from another MySpacer.

  • Mobile: MySpace can send text messages to your mobile phone when you get a new Friend Request, message, or event invite, or when you get a comment on your profile, blog, or image.

  • Calendar: Alter the default view of your calendar, set sharing filters, set the day the week begins on, change time intervals, set working hours, and establish reminder settings.

  • Miscellaneous: Various other settings that you might want to take a look at:

    • Profile: Display the MySpace Groups you belong to, as well as disable the use of HTML in profile, image, and blog comments. Clicking the Reset link next to Profile Views sets your counter displaying the number of times your profile has been viewed back to zero.

    • Music Players: Prevent songs on both your profile and other users’ profiles from automatically starting when you pay their pages a visit.

    • Away Message: Set a message that other users automatically receive when they send you messages while you’re away from MySpace for an extended period.