How to Embed Video in Your MySpace Profile - dummies

How to Embed Video in Your MySpace Profile

Finding a MySpace video clip

You can find a video clip on MySpace:

  1. Click the MySpaceTV link in the top-right of your profile page.


The main video page appears, with a field for searching out videos by keyword.

  1. Type a few words that pertain to what you’re looking for, set the search category to Videos, and then click the Search button.

    You get a list of videos matching your terms, and you can pick and choose from there.

You can also look at any video-hosting service, such as YouTube. The key is finding the code you can embed into your profile.

If you have video of your own to put up, MySpace provides space for that:

  1. In MySpaceTV, click the My Videos tab in the top-right of the page.

    The MyVideos page opens.

  2. Click the Upload Video link in the top-right of the page.


    The Upload Video page appears.

  3. Enter a title and a brief description in the appropriate text boxes.

  4. Type in as many tags as you can to describe your clip in the Tags text box.

    The more descriptive your terms, the more likely it is that searches turn up your clip.

  5. Select any categories that apply to your video.

  6. Select a Visibility radio button to make your video public or private.

    Public means the video will be indexed and appear in search results and category lists. Private means that your video will only be available from your profile, and it won’t show up in searches.

  7. Select the I Agree to the MySpace Terms & Conditions check box, then click the Continue button.

    The Upload Video: Step 2 page appears.

  8. Click the Choose File button to find your video file on your computer, and after you find it, click the Upload button to transfer the file.


    Depending on the size of your file and the speed of your connection, this can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. MySpace adds the video to your profile.

Embedding a video in your MySpace profile

Now, you can embed the video (whether it’s your own or one you find online) in various sections of your profile:

  1. Copy the embedding code from your video.

    If even just one letter or number is missing from the embedded code, it won’t work. Be sure you highlight the entire section of code when you copy it.

  2. Click the Edit Profile link above your picture on your profile page.


    Text fields for several of the sections on your profile appear in the Profile Edit page. Basically, any of these sections are fair game for your embedded videos.

  3. Paste the video code in the section where you want it to appear.

Video can stretch out sections of your profile, depending on how wide or long it is when it shows up onscreen. To make sure everything still looks okay before you post the video, click the Preview Section button under the field where you’ve added the video.