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How to Customize Your MySpace Page with HTML

HTML is basically a series of commands called tags that tell Web browsers how the data should look when people load it and it shows up on their computer screens. MySpace provides most of these tags, but you can make some HTML additions.

The first tag in a pair of tags tells the browser where something begins; the second tag tells the browser where it ends. A table with two rows and two columns might look something like this:

<table bgcolor="red”>

If this table was entered into the I’d Like to Meet field of the Profile Edit screen, it would look something like this figure on your MySpace profile page.


This really basic example doesn’t look too great. HTML is highly customizable, but it takes some effort to get it looking right. You can change the background color (notice the bgcolor tag in the above example), the width of the table lines, the space in between the lines and the data, and much more. But there’s no such thing as a free lunch; you have to do your research to get all this cool stuff to happen.

These tags allow you to insert images from and hyperlinks to other locations on the Internet:

  • To insert an image: Use the code <img src=”http://URLofyourimagehere.jpg”>.

  • To add hyperlinks to other locations on the Internet: Use the tag <a href=””>Your Friend’s Site</a>.

You can add your own HTML anywhere there’s a text field. Furthermore, the HTML added in that text field applies only to that text field, so you can change the attributes in each field to look different, or you can use the same code over and over again to make things look the same. Cutting and pasting text in this instance can be your friend.